Corporate – Commercial

De Lorenzi Micciché Scalera Spada – Avvocati Associati advises its clients on all aspects of contract, commercial and company law.

The three main areas of expertise are: corporate and securities law, contractual and commercial law and compliance matters.

The firm assists listed and non-listed companies in all aspects of corporate law and corporate governance, as well as in relation to banking and finance law. The firm also advises on all aspects of the general administration of companies and on complex corporate matters such as company reorganisations, changes to the shareholding structure and changes in ownership. The partners of the firm also have extensive expertise in securities law and tender offer rules.

The firm also provides assistance to clients in the preparation of commercial contracts in respect of a wide range of transactions (e.g. supply contracts, construction contracts and distribution contracts), in addition to preparing and reviewing standard-form contracts and bringing them in line with the latest legal requirements. Furthermore, the firm also provides assistance in matters of strategic development and protection of intellectual property rights (in particular, in relation to trademarks, patents and copyright).

The firm’s partners also have specific expertise in the compliance sector (in relation to, inter alia, corporate responsibility pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, anti-corruption law, privacy law and trade restrictions and relative sanctions both against individuals and foreign states). The firm is also able to support clients in structuring safeguards against compliance risks, in carrying out internal investigations and in the preparation and implementation of crisis management plans in connection with breaches of compliance rules.

The firm also offers assistance to Italian companies which are interested in expanding internationally, including in Latin America, and to companies, including Latin American companies, which operate in Italy or which plan to enter the Italian market.

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